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Many of my pieces have come about during 55 years of teaching.  Some were arranged or composed for my students who played them in recitals and competitions winning first-place in 35 state and national contests.  26 others were finalists.

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Two 2014 Releases for Organ:

Pastorale -Eberhard Ludwig Wittmer  Listen to Pastorale   View/Print

Adagio, Op 11 -Samuel Barber   View/Print

Highlights for Organ:

Note: Some recordings may take a few moments to download.


Andante in E-Flat, Op. 18/2 - Joh. Christian Bach  Listen to Andante in E-Flat   View/Print

Lyric Prelude -Alexander Schreiner (transcribed, Franklin Eddings)  Listen to Lyric Prelude     View Sample

Available at sheet music retailers or online from the publisher at: http://www.morningstarmusic.com/viewitem.cfm/item_id/10-967

Again the Day of Holy Rest -Franklin Eddings  View/Print    Listen to Again the Day of Holy Rest (Organ Solo) 

AgainTheDayOfHolyRest (Choral)

Semper Fidelis March -John Phillip Sousa  View/Print   Listen to Semper Fidelis March

March Past of the Kitchen Utensils - Ralph Vaughan Williams  View/Print   Listen to March Past...

Newfoundland Sketch -Franklin Eddings  View/Print    Listen to Newfoundland Sketch

Newfoundland Sketch Trio for Organ, Oboe, Bassoon -Franklin Eddings  

View/Print Organ score  

View/Print part for Oboe

View/Print part for Bassoon

Newfoundland Sketch for Orchestra -Franklin Eddings   View/Print Conductor Score   Instrumental parts on request.  For a piano setting, see Highlights for Piano below.

Mardi Gras from "Mississippi Suite" -Ferde Grofe  View/Print   Listen to Mardi Gras (partial)

Variations on Sicilienne -Franklin Eddings, based on Op 5, -Maurice Durufle.  View/Print

Suite #2, Op 28/2 -Gustav Holst  View/Print  Listen to March   Listen to Song Without Words   Listen to Song Of The Blacksmith

Andante Tranquillo from Capriol Suite (Pieds en l'air) -Peter Warlock   View/Print     Listen to Andante Tranquillo

Giga- Arcangelo Corelli (Also available for piano)  View/Print

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam -Franklin Eddings  View/Print

Six Regimental Marches of the British Army -Franklin Eddings   View/Print All Six  

Listen to Lincolnshire Poacher     Listen to Son Of Jenkin   Listen to Cock O' The North   

Listen to Bonnie English Rose    Listen to John Peel    Listen to Wait for the Wagon

Adagio in B-Flat, Op.9/2 -Tomaso Ablinoni  Listen to Adagio in B Flat  View Sample

Available at sheet music retailers or online from the publisher at: http://www.morningstarmusic.com/viewitem.cfm/item_id/10-974

Three Carols For The Nativity -Franklin Eddings (1) Silent Night, (2) As Joseph Was A-Walking, (3) In The Bleak Mid-Winter. Highly Recommended -THE AMERICAN ORGANIST

Listen to "Silent Night"    Listen to "As Joseph Was A-Walking"   Listen to "In The Bleak Mid-Winter"

Available at sheet music retailers or online from the publisher at:


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To view or print 60+ other pieces from my organ catalog, click ORGAN


Highlights for Piano:

Note: Some recordings may take a few moments to download.


La Estrellita Written in 1912, "La Estrellita" (Little Star) is possibly Manuel Ponce's best known composition. It brings forth a delightful and alluring melody presented in a concert setting. Known throughout the world, it has enjoyed great popularity in Latin America and in the United States particularly between WW I and WW II. Jascha Heifetz made an arrangement of it for violin and piano and numerous recordings have been made. In A-B-A song form, its duration is under three minutes and is a good recital piece at the upper intermediate to early advanced level.   View/Print   Listen

For other piano works by Manuel Ponce, "Arrulladora Mexicana", "Gavote", "Intermezzo #1", "Romanza de Amor", "Scherzino Mexicano", and to print or listen, click: PIANO CATALOG. To find out more about the life and works of Manuel Ponce, click: FEATURED ITEMS.

Hymn-Playing At The Piano - Franklin Eddings    An extensive guide for teachers and church musicians covering a range of common problems in adapting hymns to the piano.....pedaling, phrasing, counting, transposing, etc.  View/Print

Andante Cantabile, Op 13 - Charles-Marie Widor  Piano arrangement from Widor's Organ Symphony #4.  View/Print   Listen

Communion, Op 58/2 - Louis Vierne   View/Print

Mack The Knife - Kurt Weill, as played by George Shearing from the "Three Penney Opera" of 1928, Geo. Shearing's superb arrangement of this well known tune is a plaintive ballad and a haunting classical Romance in A minor. 
View/Print  Listen

Malaguena - Franklin Eddings    There are many malaguenas less known than those by Lecuona and Albeniz. This is one of them. It has a vibrant, Flamenco style theme and rhythm. A perfect recital piece for the intermediate pianist. 
View/Print  Listen

Music of the Civil War - Franklin Eddings    This collection of 7 pieces features marches, anthems, rally songs and ballads of the Civil War. Each is arranged in a characteristic and artful setting that conveys the mood, the sorrow and the spirit of that time in American history: Armistice - Battle-Cry of Freedom - Bonnie Blue Flag - Dixie - Hail to the Chief - Lorena - Marching through Georgia 

Newfoundland Sketch - Franklin Eddings    A setting in E minor of a plaintive mariner's folk song using full tonal colors of the piano. A fine recital piece with alluring melodies and harmony. 
View/Print  Listen

Scales & Cadences - Major and minor scales in one and two octaves, each with cadences in I-V-I, I-V7-I, I-IV-I and alterations. The chromatic scale and 25 other less familiar scales and modes are included. 

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