All carefully edited with fingering marked.

LEVEL: [I]-Easy [II]-Intermediate [III]-Early Advanced [IV]-Advanced


[Note: Some recordings may take a few moments to download.]

Adios - Alfredo Carrasco III $3.50 This superb concert tango in A Major is in the style of the Mexican composer, Manuel Ponce, and is often played as an encore. View/Print   Listen

Again, The Day Of Holy Rest [Hymn] - Eddings/Schreiner.  Free.  Alexander Schreiner who was Tabernacle Organist for 55 years wrote the text for this hymn.  He asked me to write the music.  He was perfectly capable of composing the music for it himself!  As his student and long time friend, I was honored to do it.  There are nine wonderful hymns by Dr. Schreiner in the 1985 Hymnal.  View/Print  Listen

Air in E Major (Theme from Harmonious Blacksmith) - George Friedrich Handel [III] $2.50 Published 1720 in "Suites of Pieces for Keyboard," Handel's four-square harmony and angular tune make this a good processional or postlude. Its duration can be regulated by the number of repeats. For piano or harpsichord. View/Print
Amazing Grace - traditional American hymn [III] $3.00 This well known hymn is presented in a setting useful for the church service or other occasions. Words included.
Andante Cantabile, Op.13 - Charles-Marie Widor [III] $4.50 Splendid piano arrangement from Widor's Organ Symphony #4. Raptuous melody and harmony. A gem for recitals or competitions.
View/Print  Listen
Anglo-American Anthems -three pieces [II] $4.00 Rule Britannia - God Save The King - My Country Tis Of Thee. Words included. View/Print
Arrulladora Mexicana -Manuel Ponce [III] $4.00 Composed in 1901, the piece is gentle, placid, song-like and imaginative with contrasting, sonorous themes for each hand. Key of G, 6/8 meter. View/Print  Listen

Boom Town -American frontier tune [II] $3.00 Heard from Dodge City to Placerville, this spirited saloon tune of the American West reminisces on mining and oil settlements that became boom towns almost overnight. View/Print

Circus -Franklin Eddings [IV] $4.50 An opening fanfare and fast paced gallant theme with driving rhythm leads to a climatic finale. View/Print  Listen
Come Back to Sorrento (Torna a Surriento)-Ernesto DeCurtis [III] $3.50 The cherished Neapolitan song heard on every concert by Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras is realized in this piano solo arrangement which exploits fully the beautiful themes and Mediterranean mood of an all time favorite. View/Print
Communion -Louis Vierne [IV] $3.50  Originally composed for organ, this setting works quite well on the piano.  "Communion" is the second of a three-some in his Op 58, Tryptique, which he was playing shortly before he died June 2nd, 1937 at the end of a recital at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.  In A-B-A form, the expressive and meditative melody is accompanied by a series of parallel 4ths and 3rds.  View/Print
Corfu -Franklin Eddings [III] $3.00 A tonal sketch of the Greek island of Corfu uses haunting melodies in Dorian mode and 7/8 meter. View/Print
Duet in G -Anton Bruckner [I] $3.00 Here is the right starter duet for young students. Written in A-B-A form, the piece is tuneful with bright, 19th Century Viennese harmony. Ideal piece for a recital. View/Print
Gavota -Manuel Ponce [III] $4.50 Composed in 1902, this piece is wonderfully carefree and joyous. Like so many of Ponce's piano works, it is a perfect recital piece. Key of D flat, 4/4 meter. View/Print  Listen
Giga -Corelli [III] $4.00 From the Concerto Grosso #9, Op 5, the melody is one of the best known of this composer and has been transcribed for many instruments.  Its dance-like rhythm makes it quite suitable for a recital piece or an encore.  Also available in an organ setting. View/PrintPiano   View/PrintOrgan
Gnossienne No.3 -Erik Satie [II] $3.00 The mystical quality of this piece is in its use of a modified six tone Hungarian minor scale in its themes. A good recital piece. View/Print
How Firm a Foundation (Two Versions) [II] $4.00 This traditional American hymn uses the older tune dating from about 1800 and the later one know as "Fidelity." Superbly harmonized. Great for postludes. Organ markings. Words included. View/Print
Hymn-Playing At The Piano [II] $7.00 An extensive guide for teachers and church musicians covering a range of common problems in adapting hymns to the piano.....pedaling, phrasing, counting, transposing, etc. View/Print
Important Event, Op. 15/6 -Robert Schumann [III] $2.50 A wonderful recital piece for pianists who can play 4-note chords in octave position. Sounds commanding and difficult but is relatively easy to memorize. View/Print
Interlude in D -Jeremiah Clarke [II] $2.50 This well known processional makes a good postlude or recital piece for piano, harpsichord or organ. View/Print
Intermezzo No.1 -Manuel Ponce [III] $4.00 From 1912, this piece is very expressive and melodious with elegance and sadness. Key of E minor, 2/4 meter. View/Print  Listen
Irish Suite: Jig, Reel, & Rocky Road to Dublin [II] $4.50 Charming setting for piano of three Irish folk dances. Excellent recital material for the intermediate student. View/Print
Just a Closer Walk with Thee -as played by Gene Harris [IV] $4.00 Piano solo arrangement of the blues/gospel style of Gene Harris and band. Good examples of licks used in this mode of piano playing. View/Print  Listen
Landler -Antonio Diabelli [I] $2.50 Fine recital piece for the young pianist. Short and easy to memorize. Has a good finish. View/Print
La Batelera -Spanish dance [II] Traditional Spanish 3-step with engaging melodies and brisk rhythm. Solo piano $3.00 Piano duet $3.00 View/Print:Solo    View/Print:Duet
La Estrellita -Manuel Ponce [II] $3.00 Written in 1912, 3La Estrellita2 (Little Star) is perhaps Ponce1s best known composition. It brings forth a delightful and alluring melody presented here in a concert setting. Known throughout the world, it has enjoyed great popularity in Latin America and in the United States particularly between WWI and WWII. Jascha Heifetz made an arrangement of it for violin and piano, and numerous recordings have been made. View/Print  Listen
La Romanesca -Antonio Valente [II] $3.50 Five variations on the popular 16th Century dance and lute tune from Spain by the blind Neapolitan composer, Antonio Valente. Often performed by E. Power Biggs on his Sunday morning CBS radio recitals. A flamboyant recital piece. Piano or Harpsichord $3.50 Organ $4.00 View/Print:Piano  View/Print:Organ
La Violetera -José Sancho Padilla [III] $4.50 a beautifully enticing Spanish song arranged for piano solo. Some melodies are captivating on first hearing. This is one of them and serves especially well in this striking solo piano setting. View/Print  Listen (partial)
Little Brook -Henry LeMoine [II] $3.00 This early French Romantic piece is a compelling but easy recital piece for the intermediate pianist. View/Print
Mack The Knife -Kurt Weill (as played by George Shearing) [II] $3.50 From the "Three Penney Opera" of 1928, Geo. Shearing's superb arrangement of this well known tune is a plaintive ballad and a haunting classical Romance in A minor. View/Print  Listen
Malaguena -traditional Spanish dance [II] $3.50 There are many malaguenas less known than those by Lecuona and Albeniz. This is one of them. It has a vibrant, Flamenco style theme and rhythm. A perfect recital piece for the intermediate pianist. View/Print  Listen
Maple Leaf Rag -Scott Joplin (as originally played by the composer) [III] $4.00 Always a favorite, this arrangement is based on Joplin's piano roll recording with the composer's own embellishments missing in the standard edition of 1899. View/Print
Memories of the Alhambra (Recuerdos de la Alhambra) -Francisco Tarrega [II] $3.50 Here is the beautiful and picturesque music Tarrega composed for solo guitar in a captivating piano setting. Wonderful recital material for the intermediate pianist. View/Print  Listen
Minuet & Trio in G, K.1 -W. A. Mozart (with ornamentation fully realized) [II] $3.50 One of Mozart's first compositions, this edition differs from the oft published standard in that each repeat includes elaborate, fully realized ornamentation peculiar to the Rococo. An excellent recital piece for piano or harpsichord. View/Print
Music of the Civil War, seven pieces [II-III] $9.50 This collection features marches, anthems, rally songs and ballads of the Civil War. Each is arranged in a characteristic and artful setting that conveys the mood, the sorrow and the spirit of that time in American history. Armistice - Battle-Cry of Freedom - Bonnie Blue Flag - Dixie - Hail to the Chief - Lorena - Marching through Georgia View/Print
Newfoundland Sketch -Franklin Eddings [III] $3.00 Setting in E minor of a plaintive mariner's folk song using full tonal colors of the piano. A fine recital piece with alluring melodies and harmony. Available for organ, and for orchestra, and also for organ with oboe and bassoon.  

View/Print: Newfoundland Sketch (Piano)  Listen

View/Print: Newfoundland Sketch (Organ)  

Listen to NewfoundlandSketch(Organ)

View/Print: Newfoundland Sketch Trio (Organ Score)

View/Print: Newfoundland Sketch Trio (Oboe)

View/Print: Newfoundland Sketch Trio (Bassoon)

View/Print: Newfoundland Sketch (Orchestra Score)   Instumental parts on request.

Non ti scordar di me (as sung by L. Pavarotti & P. Domingo) [III]-Ernesto DeCurtis $4.00 Like this composer's other hit, "Come Back to Sorrento," this is a beautiful piano realization of the piece as sung by Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras on their world-wide televised concerts. View/Print

Now Thank We All Our God, Op 52-Felix Mendelssohn [II] A wonderfully harmonized setting of the well known hymn from Mendelssohn's "Lobgesang." Available for solo piano $3.00 Piano duet $4.00 Organ $3.50 View/Print Piano Solo    View/Print Piano Duet   View/Print Organ
Recuerdos de la Alhambra See "Memories of the Alhambra" on this list.
Romanza de Amor -Manuel Ponce [III] $5.00 From 1915, this piece reflects melancholy, nostalgia and regret with conflicting emotions of hope and fulfillment. Great for recitals. Key of E flat minor, 2/4 meter. View/Print  Listen
Scales & Cadences [I-II] $10.00 Collection of the major and minor scales in one and two octaves, each with cadences in I-V-I, I-V7-I, I-IV-I and alterations. The chromatic scale and 25 other less familiar scales and modes are included. View/Print
Sacrament Hymn Introductions [II] Free. For organ or piano, these are introductions to 29 Sacrament Hymns for use in the services of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Their purpose is to elevate the Sacrament portion of the service. The harmony stays within the tradition, not exotic, alien nor unfamiliar in any way that might detract from the Sacrament Hymn itself.  Clay Christiansen, Tabernacle Organist, writes: “I have read through all of them and find each to be an appropriate variation which can enhance the effectiveness of our worship services, particularly the important Sacrament portion of that worship.  They are not unduly difficult for our organists of average ability and should work equally well on organ or piano.  I would be pleased to hear them used as a part of the worship service of the ward I attend.  They deserve to be available as an effective tool of our more discerning organists everywhere.” View/Print
Scherzino Mexicano -Manuel Ponce [III] $3.50 Has captivating three against two cross-rhythms with melodies characteristic of Mexican folk music. An exciting and provocative recital piece. Key of D, 6/8 meter. View/Print  Listen
Simple Gifts -19th Century American folk hymn [III] $3.00 Beautiful and effective piano setting of the well known early 19th Century Shaker song.  View/Print
Sunrise -Franklin Eddings [II] $3.00 A delightlful piano setting based on an ancient pentatonic melody from Japan. Fine recital piece for the young pianist. View/Print
Take Time to be Holy -Irish hymn [II] $3.00 A useful piano setting of this venerable Irish Hymn. May be used as a prelude or a postlude. View/Print
Torna a Surriento See "Come Back to Sorrento" on this list.
Toyland -Victor Herbert [II] $4.00 A piano/vocal arrangement of this delightful Christmas song from Herbert's "Babes in Toyland" uses updated harmony. View/Print
Trumpet Tune: "Bonduca" -Henry Purcell [II] $3.00 For piano, harpsichord, or for organ, manuals only. This is a triumphal fanfare from 17th Century England. View/Print
Trumpet Tune: Cebell -Henry Purcell [II] $3.00 For piano, harpsichord or for organ, manuals only. This is another of Purcell's tuneful fanfares. View/Print
Trumpet Tune: Martial Air -Henry Purcell [II] $3.00 For piano, here is still another spirited, majestic fanfare or processional by Purcell. For piano or harpsichord. View/Print
Two German Christmas Carols [II-III] $3.50 Here are two Austro/German Christmas carols beautifully harmonized. "Still, Still, Still" alternates between 5/8 and 6/8 meter. "Am Weihnachtsbaum die Lichter brennen" (On the Christmas Tree, the Candles Burn) is a nicely crafted piano setting. View/Print
Wedding Processionals -Entry & Exit Music [II] $4.00 The most famous and oft-requested wedding pieces are found here under one cover -one for the entry and one for the exit music. Entry: "Bridal Chorus" from Wagner's "Lohengrin." Exit: "Wedding March" from Mendelssohn's "Midsummer Night's Dream." View/Print
What'll I Do? -Irving Berlin/George Shearing [IV] $4.50 Shearing has taken Irving Berlin's theme and transformed it into a saucy piano blues in three-quarter time with all the ornate elements imaginable. A perfect model for pianists to learn to play in this style. Challenging but well worth it. View/Print  Listen

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