All carefully edited with fingering and pedaling marked.

LEVEL: [I]-Easy [II]-Intermediate [III]-Early Advanced [IV]-Advanced


[Note: Some recordings may take a few moments to download.]

Adagio in B Flat, Op 9/2 -Tomaso Albinoni [II] $7.00 Published by MorningStar. Albinoni’s unmistakable gift for melody is evident throughout this piece. The theme is considered to be the jewel of his numerous oboe concertos and unfolds in a lyrical dialogue. Moderately easy, it is effective as a devotional prelude or for general use and is also suitable as a duet for oboe, flute or violin with organ. An optional C instrument part is included. This piece is published by MorningStar Music Publishers and is available at sheet music retailers or can be ordered online from the publisher at:

To hear a recording of Adagio in B Flat, click here:  Listen

To view a sample of Adagio in B Flat, click here:  View


Adagio, Op 11 -Samuel Barber (III)  Free. 



Again the Day of Holy Rest [hymn] -Eddings/Schreiner.  Free.  Alexander Schreiner, Tabernacle Organist for 55 years, wrote the text for this hymn and asked me to write the music. There are 9 wonderful hymns by Dr. Schreiner in the 1985 Hymnal.  He was perfectly capable of composing the music himself.  I was honored that he would ask me to do it. 

View/Print   Listen to the Hymn

Again the Day of Holy Rest, organ solo -Franklin Eddings [II] $5.00  A devotional prelude on the hymn tune of the same name. View/Print   Listen to the Organ Prelude

Alexander Schreiner's 1950s Radio Theme -- See "Lyric Prelude" on this list.

Allegro Maestoso, Op. 65 -Felix Mendelssohn [III] $4.00 From Mendelssohn's Second Organ Sonata, this is a great favorite of recitalists. View/Print

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, Chorale Prelude -Dietrich Buxtehude [III] BuxWV 184 $7.00 This is one of Buxtehude's most famous organ works. Ten pages including the chorale make this edition easy to read and playable. Excellent recital piece.  View/Print   Listen

Andante, Op. 65 -Felix Mendelssohn [II] $3.50 From Mendelssohn's Third Organ Sonata, the piece is often played as a devotional prelude. View/Print

Andante in E-Flat, Op. 18/2 - Joh. Christian Bach [II]   $5.50  Elegant, radiant and captivating melody.  Four minutes in duration.  Perfect for a devotional or for recitals.  View/Print   Listen

Andante Tranquillo (Pieds en l'air) from Capriol Suite -Peter Warlock [II] $3.50 Suitable as a devotional or recital piece.  View/Print    Listen

Anna Magdalena Notebook Selections -Johann Sebastian Bach [I] $4.00 Delightful recital pieces for the young organist. Manuals Only. March in D - Polonaise in G minor - Minuet in G (BWVAnh 116)  View/Print

Aria, Op. 6/12 -George Friedrich Handel [II] $3.50 Taken from Handel's Concerto Grosso in B minor, this is a stately and tuneful processional prelude or postlude. In this edition, the repeats utilize melodic variations and embellishments Handel may have used himself.  View/Print

As Joseph Was A-Walking -Franklin Eddings [II] Published by Warner Bros. in "Three Carols For The Nativity" [GB9912] $7.95. "Highly Recommended" in THE AMERICAN ORGANIST review of new music. This prelude on a southern Appalachian Christmas carol is based on an early American tune often sung to the words of the Cherry Tree Carol. The theme, an 8-measure pentatonic melody, occurs three times...the second time as a canon between bass and soprano. A lyric interlude introduces the third time. A plaintive opening and closing reminisces on Christmas at a simple whiteboard chapel in the rural South. Recorded on the Mormon Tabernacle Organ by Clay Christiansen. IN DULCI JUBILO: A Christmas Celebration BCD9504-2  

This piece along with "Silent Night" and "In The Bleak Mid-Winter" is in a collection, "THREE CAROLS FOR THE NATIVITY," published by Alfred Music and available online and at sheet music retailers. To see first-page samples, click here:  View  Listen

Ave Verum -Wolfgang A. Mozart [II] $3.50 Also known as "Jesu, Word of God Incarnate," the piece reflects upon Christ's crucifixion. This is an organ setting of Mozart's well known church piece for choir, organ and strings composed during the last year of his life, 1791. A fine devotional prelude. View/Print

Chorale, from Organ Sonata, Op.65/5 -Felix Mendelssohn [II] $3.00 The chorale's melody is Mendelssohn's. His noble and profound harmonization is perfect for a grand postlude or voluntary.  View/Print  Listen

Fantasia in G minor -Johann Pachelbel [II] $3.00 A splendid, full-throated recital piece in the style of Bach for the intermediate organist.  View/Print

Four Classic Hymns -Johann Sebastian Bach [II] $4.00 All Glory, Laud And Honor - O Saviour, Thou Who Wearest A Crown - Now Thank We All Our God - A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. Harmonized by Bach and set on three staves. All found in the 1985 Hymnal.  View/Print

Fugue in D Major -William Selby [I] $4.00 Written in the American colonial period, this is an engaging recital piece, manuals only (with optional pedal ending), for organ or harpsichord.  View/Print

Fugue #3 in D Major -George Friedrich Handel [II] $3.50 From a set of six little fugues attributed to Handel, this fugue in three voices is set for manuals only and can be played effectively on organ, piano or harpsichord. View/Print

General Burgoyne's March -Anonymous 18th Century [II] $3.00 Based on a march tune from the American Revolutionary War, this is a grandiose recital piece for the young organist. The pedal part is relatively easy. View/Print

Giga - Corelli [III] $6.00 From the Concerto Grosso #9, Op 5, the melody is one of the best known of this composer.  Its dance-like rhythm makes it a favorite recital encore, recessional or postlude.  Also available in a piano setting.  View/Print:Organ   View/Print:Piano

God, Our Father, Hear Us Pray - See "Pie Jesu" on this list.

Horns in D -18th Century Anonymous [I] $3.50 For manuals only, here is another engaging and spirited piece for the young organist.  View/Print

How Firm A Foundation (Two Versions) [II] 4.00 This traditional American hymn uses the older tune dating from about 1800, and the later one know as "Fidelity." Splendidly harmonized. Great for postludes. Words included.  View/Print

I Am a Child of God, Hymn Prelude -Franklin Eddings [II] $3.50 Organ setting of a very well known Mormon hymn tune. A fine devotional prelude.  View/Print  Listen

Impertinence -George Friedrich Handel [I] $3.00 From the Aylesford Pieces, here is a feisty piece, manuals only, for the young organist. Also for harpsichord. View/Print

Interlude in D -Jeremiah Clarke [I] $2.50 This well known processional makes a good postlude or recital piece for organ, piano or harpsichord. View/Print

In The Bleak Midwinter - Harold Darke [III] Published by Warner Bros. in "Three Carols For The Nativity" [GB9912] $7.95. "Highly Recommended" in THE AMERICAN ORGANIST review of new music. There are two carols by this by Gustav Holst, 1906, and one by Harold Darke, 1911, the well known choral piece. This arrngement for organ carefully follows Darke's harmony.

This piece along with "Silent Night" and "As Joseph Was A-Walking" is in a collection, "THREE CAROLS FOR THE NATIVITY," published by Alfred Music and available online and at sheet music retailers. To see first-page samples, click here:  View  Listen

I Will Not Forsake My Jesus, Chorale - Joh. S. Bach [II] $2.50 Bach's elegant harmony sets this magnificent chorale aglow for a convincing postlude.  View/Print  Listen

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam -Franklin Eddings [III] $4.50 Prelude on the 19th Century Sunday School theme with a whimsical interlude. Use as a devotional or recital piece.  View/Print

Land of the Mountains High -Franklin Eddings [IV] $4.50 A triumphal processional based on an anthem of the same title by the Welsh composer, Evan Stephens. The anthem was written for Utah's statehood inaugural in 1896 and has become the official state song. This piece for organ commemorates the centennial year of Utah's statehood.  View/Print  Listen

La Rejouissance -George Friedrich Handel -- See "The Rejoicing" on this list.

La Romanesca Variations -Antonio Valente [II] $4.00 Five variations on the popular 16th Century dance and lute tune from Spain by the blind Neapolitan composer, Antonio Valente. Often performed by E. Power Biggs on his Sunday morning CBS radio recitals. A flamboyant recital piece. with an easy pedal part for the young organist. Organ $4.00 Piano $3.50 View/Print:Organ   View/Print:Piano

Laudate Dominum (Praise The Lord), K.338 -Wolfgang A. Mozart [II] $5.50 An organ setting of this well known aria for solo voice, choir and orchestra.  View/Print

Liberty Bell March -John Philip Sousa [III] $5.00 One of Sousa's most stirring, patriotic marches, it has become an Independence Day favorite and show-stopper on the organ.  View/Print  Listen

Lord Christ, The Only Son of God, Chorale Prelude -Dietrich Buxtehude [II] Buxtehude composed two different chorale preludes on this title. Both are in G Major, meditative in style and are noteworthy examples of his extraordinary craft. The chorale is included. BuxWV 191 $5.50 BuxWV 192 $5.50  View/Print:BuxWV191   View/Print:BuxWV192

Lord Jesus Christ, Turn Thou To Us, Chorale Prelude -Joh. G. Walther [II] $4.00 A sparkling, tuneful counterpoint accompaniment flows through this marvelous prelude. Its quality equals the chorale preludes of Joh. S. Bach who was Walther's first cousin.  View/Print

Lyric Prelude -Alexander Schreiner (transcribed, Franklin Eddings) [II] Published by MorningStar [MSM-10-967] $7.00. Like his famous "Lyric Interlude," this delightful piece includes the 20 measures that for many years opened his regular Saturday night broadcast at the Tabernacle organ. Dr. Schreiner had a world-wide audience during his 55 years as Tabernacle Organist and for the Sunday morning CBS "Music & The Spoken Word" with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This piece is wonderfully characteristic of his persona and soul. From program to program he varied slightly the melody and harmony, and these variants have been used to extend the piece to 51 measures...ideal for a prelude or voluntary.  This piece is published by MorningStar Music Publishers and is available at sheet music retailers or can be ordered online from the publisher at:

To hear a recording of Lyric Prelude, click here:  Listen

To view a sample of Lyric Prelude, click here:  View

March Past of the Kitchen Utensils -Ralph Vaughan Williams [II] $4.00 Transcribed for organ, this rather unusual piece was composed in 1909 for a Cambridge (UK) production of the Aristophanes play,"The Wasps."  A novel option is to have an assistant clap a lid on a pot at several cadence points in the piece.  View/Print  Listen

Mardi Gras -Ferde Grofé [IV] $6.50 From the “Mississippi Suite.”  Great encore from its fanfare opening to a majestic finish.  View/Print  Listen to Mardi Gras (partial)

Minuet Finale -George Friedrich Handel [II] $3.50 The culminating piece of Handel's famous "Royal Fireworks Music" of 1749. A power piece for an organ recital yet accessible to the intermediate organist. View/Print

Music of the Middle Ages [I] $4.00 Estampie, c.1325 Anon. - Hec Dies, c.1150 M. Leoninus. Two quaint and impressive organ pieces from the 12th and 13th Centuries. Both are for manuals only. Can be played as recital pieces by beginning organists. View/Print

Newfoundland Sketch -Franklin Eddings [II] $4.50 Organ setting in E minor of a plaintive mariner's folk song. A fine recital piece or devotional prelude with alluring melodies and harmony. Also available for piano, for orchestra and for organ with oboe and bassoon.

View/Print: Newfoundland Sketch (Organ)  

Listen to NewfoundlandSketch(Organ)

View/Print: Newfoundland Sketch Trio (Organ Score)

View/Print: Newfoundland Sketch Trio (Oboe)

View/Print: Newfoundland Sketch Trio (Bassoon)

View/Print: Newfoundland Sketch (Piano) 

View/Print: Newfoundland Sketch (Orchestra Score)   Instrumental parts on request.

Noel en Musette -Jean Jacques Charpentier [I] $3.50 French carol with variations. A one-note pedal sustains from beginning to end making it an especially good starter piece for beginning organists. View/Print

Now Thank We All Our God, Op 52 -Felix Mendelssohn [II]. From Mendelssohn's "Lobgesang." Here is Mendelssohn's glorious realization of this chorale in the style of his mentor, Joh. S. bach. Organ $3.50, Piano Solo $3.00, Piano duet $4.00 View/Print:Organ   View/Print:PianoSolo   View/Print:PianoDuet

O Tannenbaum: A First Organ Lesson [I] $3.00 This first organ lesson uses the familiar carol, "O Christmas Tree." Careful step-by-step directions lead the beginning organist from manuals only to the 3-stave pedal version. View/Print

Ouverture -George Friedrich Handel [II] $3.50 Another fine organ recital piece from Handel's famous "Royal Fireworks Music." Its stately tempo and minimal pedal part make it accessible to the intermediate organist. View/Print

Pastorale -Eberhard Ludwig Wittmer [I] Free  An effective and tuneful recital piece for the aspiring organist uses a simple drone bass line. View/Print   Listen

Pie Jesu (Dearest Jesus), Op. 48 -Gabriel Faure [II] $4.00 From Faure's "Requiem," this well known piece is arranged for organ solo and for soprano solo with organ accompaniment. Text in Latin and English (God, Our Father, Hear Us Pray).  View/Print

Prelude in A minor -Nicolas Gigault [II] $3.00 Solemn, moderately slow service piece from the early French Baroque. Good recital piece for the first year organist.  View/Print   Listen

Prelude in C Major -Johann Krieger [II] $3.50 Spirited recital piece written in the contrapuntal style of the Baroque South German School. Has sequences of imitation in all four voices with a grand finish. Not too difficult for the first year organist.  View/Print

Prelude in F Major -Gilles Jullien [II] $3.00 Grand music of substance from the French Baroque. Fine for a postlude or recital piece for the intermediate organist.  View/Print

Reflections on "O My Father" -Franklin Eddings [II] $4.50 The hymn-tune "Harwell" by Lowell Mason (1792-1872) was the preferred melody sung to "O My Father" one of the best known Mormon hymns. In recent times "O My Father" as been sung to the hymn-tune "My Redeemer" by James McGranahan (1840-1907). This delightful hymn prelude uses both themes.  View/Print  Listen

Sacrament Hymn Introductions [II] Free. For organ or piano, these are introductions to 29 Sacrament Hymns for use in the services of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Their purpose is to elevate the Sacrament portion of the service. The harmony stays within the tradition, not exotic, alien nor unfamiliar in any way that might detract from the Sacrament Hymn itself.  Clay Christiansen, Tabernacle Organist, writes: “I have read through all of them and find each to be an appropriate variation which can enhance the effectiveness of our worship services, particularly the important Sacrament portion of that worship.  They are not unduly difficult for our organists of average ability and should work equally well on organ or piano.  I would be pleased to hear them used as a part of the worship service of the ward I attend.  They deserve to be available as an effective tool of our more discerning organists everywhere.”



Semper Fidelis March -John Phillip Sousa [II] $5.50 Composed in 1888, ever popular of Sousa's 136 marches, Semper Fidelis is the U. S. Marine Corps official march.  The trio, in this transcription for organ, follows closely the original score for band.  The title, Semper Fidelis (always loyal) since 1883, is the U.S.M.C. motto.  View/Print   SemperFidelis(band)-JohnPhilipSousa-.mp3

Silent Night -Franklin Eddings [II] Published by Warner Bros. in "Three Carols For The Nativity" [GB9912] $7.95. "Highly Recommended" in THE AMERICAN ORGANIST review of new music. Featured on PIPEDREAMS, elegant new harmony gives this Christmas favorite a refreshing flavor. Recorded by James Welch on the Schoenstein organ at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Oakland. INSTRUMENT OF WONDER Arkay CD/AR166.

This piece along with "As Joseph Was A-Walking" and "In The Bleak Mid-Winter" is published by Alfred Music and available online and at sheet music retailers.  To see first-page samples, click here:  View  Listen

Six Regimental Marches of the British Army -Arr. Franklin Eddings [II] $19.50 The six traditional themes are "Lincolnshire Poacher" (Lancs. Reg't.), "Son of Jenkin" (Welch Reg't.), "Cock o' the North" (Gordon Highlanders Reg't.), "Bonnie English Rose" (Green Howards Reg't.), "John Peel" (Border-Cumberland reg't.) and "Wait for the Wagon" (Royal Army Service Corps. Reg't.). These rousing, regal marches may be played as singles or in a set of two or more.  View/Print   Listen to Lincolnshire Poacher    Listen to Son of Jenkin 

Listen to Cock O' The North    Listen to Bonnie English Rose   

Listen to John Peel    Listen to Wait For The Wagon

Sonata in D, L.424, K.33 -Domenico Scarlatti [II] $5.00 Organ setting of this rollicking, dance like piece with a fantasia style introduction. View/Print

Suite #2,Op 28/2 -Gustav Holst [III] $19.50 "March," "Song Without Words," "Song of the Blacksmith." Vibrant, festive concert music based on English folk tunes originally composed for concert band, this music is exceptional for recital pieces either as singles or played in a set. View/Print

Listen to March   Listen to Song Without Words   Listen to Song Of The Blacksmith

The Rejoicing -George Friedrich Handel [II] $4.00 From Handel's "Royal Fireworks Music" written to celebrate the Anglo-French armistice of 1749, the piece has a minimal pedal part and is a fine recital piece for the emerging organist.  View/Print

Trio in D Major -Johann Ludwig Krebs [II] $3.00 Well crafted contrapuntal piece of three voices by one of Bach's best students. Very good recital piece with bright melodic interest.  View/Print

Trumpet Tune: Bonduca -Henry Purcell [I] $3.00 For piano, or for organ, manuals only. A triumphal fanfare from 17th Century England. Fine recital piece for the first year organist.  View/Print

Trumpet Tune: Cebell -Henry Purcell [I] $3.00 Another of Purcell's tuneful fanfares. Its gallant-style melody and stately rhythm make it a fine recital piece for the first year organist.  View/Print

Trumpet Tune: Martial Air -Henry Purcell [I] $3.00 For manuals only (optional pedal), this well known majestic theme works as a processional or recital piece.  View/Print

Variations on Sicilienne -Franklin Eddings [III] $4.50 Based on Op. 5, Maurice Durufle.  View/Print


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